Corporate Profile & Shareholder's Info

One Policy

Building Win-Win-Win
All Concerned Parties

With moderation, austerity and persistence at the core of its management philosophy, the Company aims at securing stable management style by focusing on moving forward at the reasonable level of force to remain persistent permanently.

The name Sansei Landic is a combination of Sansei (three stars) and Landic. Sansei reflects our wish to have stakeholders, i.e., all persons connected with the Company, continue to shine. This wish is based on the management vision of the Company as being the “forerunner in the real estate rights adjustment business” and the “aim of achieving WIN-WIN-WIN relationships with all stakeholders.” Landic originates from “Land” (signifying real estate).

Our Three Strengths

  • Specializing in
    a niche
    market business
    in a segment
    of the real estate sector with limited players.

    Sansei Landic does not conduct advance negotiations with rights holders and can identify the circumstances of the other party, only after procuring the real estate. The Company faces the risk of holding unfavorable inventory, depending on the intent of the other party.
    It is also difficult to obtain bank loans since these properties are low in collateral value. Given these circumstances surrounding this business, small and midsize firms are less likely to become competitors. Furthermore, since the Company targets residential properties which generate lower profit margins, considering the cumbersome procedures involved, because large companies cannot take advantage of their scale of economy, they see no significant benefits to enter the market. Since there are no competitors among the listed firms, corporations handling assets contact the Company with information on potential
    properties. (70% of properties procured are from real estate brokering companies and 30% are based on direct referrals from accountants, financial institutions and land owners.)

  • Leverage of
    accumulated know-hows
    and high levels of
    communication skills to
    cater customers’ needs.

    Sansei Landic has closed more than 8,000 deals since 1991. The Company maintains the know-how to respond to a broad range of issues. Employees with advanced communication skills, who can accurately ascertain the intent of the other parties, make consistent efforts in negotiating and conducting mutually beneficial rights adjustments for all the parties concerned.

  • Business development
    based on moderation
    and persistence.

    Leasehold land often tends to cause inheritance issues for landowners. Since such issues are influenced by people’s lives and passing, they are usually not linked to economic conditions. Furthermore, since the majority of properties are resold to land lease right holders who can benefit from purchasing leasehold land, the sales procedure is not easily
    impacted by economic trends.
    Meanwhile, since properties with existing residence are ultimately sold to third parties, the business have potential to grow with influence of economic conditions.
    Sansei Landic’s core business is handling leasehold land. When the economy is favorable, the Company actively engages in handling properties with existing residence but flexibly holds back when economic conditions deteriorate. We maintain a good balance in line with the circumstances in the operating environment to stably secure profits.